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Waiting for the Waves


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Creating Reels for Hospitality.

Reels can be an easy way to bring organic traffic to your page.

Here are some quick easy tips for creating interesting and engaging reels for a foodie audience.

Think about your lighting, colours and framing. Keep your lighting bright and your colours vibrant. Try to use natural light if possible. If you are filming in a darker space like a kitchen use the torch on your phone or add additional lighting. When framing your video ensure your video is taken in portrait orientation and also allows space for text.

Have your end result in mind then take a few more videos than you think you need too. Once you start creating your reel and putting it to your chosen music you may need to to change a few clips and swap them around to get the end result your are wanting. Reels are about action and movement, they don't have to be fast, but they do need to have smooth transitions.

Showcase your most popular dishes and drinks. These dishes are popular for a reason. What is that reason? Is it the freshness? Is it the ingredients? Are they bright and vibrant, do they have an amazing sauce or dressing? Show how they are made, showcase the raw ingredients, focus on that amazing dressing and show your customers why these dishes are the best.

Show your business style. Ask yourself why do your customers come to you? Create videos showing the atmosphere your cafe, restaurant or bar is known for. Is it relaxed, is it fast and fun, does it have that family feel? Get your staff involved and customers if they are happy to be on camera. These are the people who make your business what it is.

Choose trending music that is in line with your businesses style. It can be tempting to use the top trending music as it may get more views, but views don't translate to customers. If it doesn't feel authentic to your businesses style it won't be viewed by the people who will engage with and love your business.

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