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Waiting for the Waves


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SIMPLE social media checklist you should do right now for your business!

Check and update your business information on all your platforms.

These are things like open times, phone numbers, address.

Seems straight forward right, but now is the time to do a double-check as a small error in this could result in lost sales. Also, check if you have added a message or call button to your page to make it easy for your customers to get in contact with you.

Check your logos and branding is consistent across all your platforms.

Have you updated your logo, colour schemes or style since you created your pages?. Ensure all your branding is consistent throughout your pages, so your customers will be able to instantly recognise your brand.

Check you are using a consistent tone of voice.

Are you using the same words and style of writing across all of your platforms? How do you address your customers? How do you respond to comments? If you are small business you may have multiple people pitching in to answer questions. Ensure everyone has an understanding of the tone of voice you would like to use. Having a consistent tone of voice helps build trust and connection with your customers.

Check all your posts are relevant.

Do you have posts on your page of things you no longer offer, do some of your posts no longer fit with your current style and branding? Don't be afraid to archive or delete posts on the odd occasion.

Check your response time.

Are you responding to all of your messages and comments within a reasonable time frame? If not you could be missing out on sales and losing valuable new customers.

Try to set aside short blocks of time throughout the day to check on your messages and comments, to ensure you are responding quickly and thoroughly.

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