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Coastline Social is a full-service social media and photography studio. Our studio is light, bright, spacious, and inviting. With its coastal styling, abundant greenery, and natural light you will feel relaxed and at home during your photography session or consultation.


We provide photography sessions in our studio, including headshots, business branding, and product photography. Location photography includes on-site photography & videography for businesses, interior & exterior images, restaurant & food photography, staff headshots, and much more.


Social media services for local businesses include in-studio consultations, social media management, social community management along with advertising and marketing.


Nikki James
Creator of Coastline Social


Hi, I’m Nikki and I am the creator of Coastline Social. We are a social media management and photography studio that is here to support Micro and Small Businesses.

I started Coastline Social because I saw a real gap and need in the industry for a business that focused on micro and small business. So those start-ups, side hustles, and family businesses.


These are people who are generally working so hard in their business they don’t have the time to work on their social media, or are unsure of where to start, and they don’t necessarily have the big budget or a team of people around them like a larger business would.


So, I wanted to create a something that was affordable, that made it easy for them to get their social media management and photography in one place, and we could work together to grow their business online.


I also love to create a relaxed, non-judgmental space, I didn’t want to make it intimidating in any way, so they can feel comfortable asking me any questions and I could help them understand the platforms, see the potential of social media and get them excited about using it to grow their business.


I think by doing this I have created a space where these micro and small businesses can get the tools and content they need to really compete with these larger businesses.


So, if you are a Micro or Small business owner looking to grow on socials, send me a message and we can have a chat.


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I would recommend Nikki to any start-up business

Nikki is great at listening to her clients, she just gets it … I set up a Pinterest board of the feel I wanted and we bounced lots of ideas around. I hired an amazing make-up and hair professional. The studio space was actually set up to allow for this – which I was really impressed with. I was very shy and felt a bit silly posing (whilst trying to look natural) but Nikki helped me relax into it. I would recommend Nikki to any start-up business or anyone wanting to refresh their business or social media profiles.


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